Who is the Amazon River Expert?

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, a beautiful small country in Central America. After college, I moved to the United States to learn English. And since then this country has been “my home.” For the past 10 years, since I was caught by the beauty of the Amazon River, my travels south have been more frequent and intense. 

I live a dream life as all my travels and my writings always lead me to really stunning places. The Amazon River is magnificent and able to captivate even the most experienced traveler. Costa Rica is a place of indescribable beauty. Its beaches and volcanoes, as well as the rainforest of this tropical paradise, will take your breath away. Other countries such as Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina are simply fantastic and you have to admire those with your own senses.  Latin America is simply wonderful!

I’m the proud father of two children who love to travel and two small grandchildren, that eventually will turn out to be great world travelers. My beautiful wife is from Colombia and in all my travels always Jesus is my guide and my protector. I love to read, write, travel, but mostly I enjoy meeting people heart to heart.  

I wish you actively join me in this blog, by leaving your comments, suggestions, or any questions regarding your travels in “America Latina.” Or even better, joining us in the upcoming trips, were we deeply explore not just geographical attractions of each country, but also travel to the depths of our souls and hearts.  A trip with Mynor Schult might turn out to be the most amazing journey of your life! 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your existence in this cosmic trip that together  we have undertaken aboard this spaceship called Planet Earth.

Mynor Schult 

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