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Who's the Amazon River Expert?

After his first year of college at the University of Costa Rica, Mynor hitchhiked is way up to Bristish Colombia in Canada. His journey extended all the way through the war torn country of Nicaragua. Then north to El Salvador, a country full of guerrillas, and up through the Mexican desert. This was the beginning of Mynor’s fully stamped passports.

Since then he has had the opportunity to have traveled thousands of miles, and experience more than 70 countries. He has worked or lived in Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and many cities in the US. These days, Colombia and Southern California are the places he is calling home.

The Latest

Recently, he spent over a year traveling through several South America countries,  navigating the rivers of several countries including Colombia and Venezuela. He finally accomplished his ultimate goal of navigating the mighty Amazon River from the very beginning in magical Peru voyaging all the way to the mouth of the beautiful Brazilian Atlantic Coast, where the river ends.

My Favorites

Mynor’s three favorite countries are Thailand, Costa Rica and Sweden, but he lists Russia as next on his must-see list. Back in his home country of Costa Rica his favorite places are the Volcano Arenal and the beaches of Manuel Antonio.