Travel The Amazon River WILD ROUTES: How To Tour The Rainforest Easily & Economically




How to travel the wild routes of the Amazon? Traveling the Amazon is the dream of millions of people from around the world, and this eco-book will show you how to accomplish this historic journey and make this trip easier and more affordable than you could ever imagine. 

In this book, you will find descriptions of WILD ROUTES or different paths connecting the cities of Iquitos; Peru and Manaus; Brazil that greatly differs from those described in other books. We will be traveling either through the peaks of the Andean mountains of Peru and Ecuador or through the undiscovered flatlands territories of British and French Guyana. 

As we all know, there are thousands of different ways to enter the Amazon basin, as it has international borders in nine countries and from each of them people could walk into the jungle. The Amazon is also a sea of water, formed by the largest river system in the world, with more than 1,100 tributaries, seventeen of which are over 1,000 mi long. However, most of these territories lack basic infrastructure, making them virtually impossible to penetrate, although I have no doubt that if the Europeans found a way in the 1500s, today, you too would discover your own path. 

Right now, you can conveniently catch a flight from anywhere in the world and spend a couple of days in the Amazon rainforest. You could make a longer journey, as I did, from the beginning of the river in Peru, through Colombia, to its end at the beautiful beaches of Brazil’s Atlantic coast. Alternatively, you would choose to travel just the WILD ROUTES of the Amazon. Either way, throughout this journey, you will learn that the Amazon is full of brilliant and magical moments and together we will discover: 

 The secret, step by step, to enjoying the most beautiful river in the world according to your budget, time, and favorite activities 
 How to save hundreds of dollars on airline tickets to have a fantastic holiday 
 How to maximize your time on the river or the jungle. Do more with less 
 Exotic safe tours off the beaten track to beautiful little-visited communities. 
 Places to go surfing, golfing, play tennis or go fishing 
 How we would help to conserve the environment 
 Why you should support indigenous communities 
 Most of the proceeds of this book are donated to institutions in the Amazon 

Whether your style of traveling is relaxed or full of activities and adventures, this eco-guide will help you explore the Amazon River the fun and easy way. This eco-book from Mynor Schult will the only tour guide you will need on your incredible journey. 

“Every little bid of rainforest that gets rip out over there, really hurt us over here.” 
Harrison Ford, Star of Indiana Jones and Air Force One 

“Each of us must take a greater personal responsibility for this deteriorating global environment” Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice-President of USA 

“Charming testimony and a guide to the transformative power of nature available to all and worthy of being cared for by all. ¨ 

Viviana Fernandez; (Argentina) Anchor/Producer at CNN 

ESPECTACULAR! CONGRATULATIONS! Today, I managed to read more than 40 pages of this very readable and informative book. It has aroused my interest to go back to the Amazon, and I will use this book for my future journey from Coca to Belem.” Mario Cifuentes, (Colombia) 
Owner of Hotel Hacienda El Eden, Cali, Colombia. Frequent traveler to the Amazon River. 

“I want to thank you for making my Amazon trip so easy. I save hundreds of pounds that allowed me to see so much more of the river. THANK YOU!!! 
Jennifer Glazer (England) 

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!! What else would I say… thanks for such great and accurate information. What a great book. 
Denis Vazquez, Panama 
Reporter for DoVa News Panama


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