Amazon International Raft RaCE

The River Amazon International Raft Race has been staged here in Iquitos Peru since 1999. At first it was just a one day affair attracting local people. In 2006 the race was extended to cover 118 miles of the mighty River Amazon over 3 days. The event has now been officially recognized as the Longest Raft Race in the World by Guinness World Records. Some of the countries participating are: Germany, Australia, Belgium , Iran, Ireland, Canada , Scotland , USA, Mexico , New Zealand , France, the Netherlands , Peru , United Kingdom, South Africa , England, Costa Rica and Switzerland.

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Have a Fantastic Time!

The Great Amazon River Raft Race kicks off. The competing teams, drawn from all over the world, will launch their rafts in Nauta for the three-day, 180-kilometer race, the world‘s longest rafting competition. The raft racers will be venturing down the longest river in the world and experiencing a diversity of life that is unequalled anywhere on Earth.