Amazon International Raft Race

Amazon International Raft Race

Amazon International Raft RaCE

The River Amazon International Raft Race has been staged here in Iquitos Peru since 1999. At first it was just a one day affair attracting local people. In 2006 the race was extended to cover 118 miles of the mighty River Amazon over 3 days. The event has now been officially recognized as the Longest Raft Race in the World by Guinness World Records.Some of the countries participating are: Germany, Australia, Belgium , Iran, Ireland, Canada , Scotland , USA, Mexico , New Zealand , France, the Netherlands , Peru , United Kingdom, South Africa , England, Costa Rica and Switzerland.

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Have a Fantastic Time!

The Great Amazon River Raft Race kicks off. The competing teams, drawn from all over the world, will launch their rafts in Nauta for the three-day, 180-kilometer race, the world‘s longest rafting competition. The raft racers will be venturing down the longest river in the world and experiencing a diversity of life that is unequalled anywhere on Earth.


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