Colombia / Brazil / Peru We will be visiting some of the most remote towns in the Amazon region. The Amazon Tri-border, which includes Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, is a destination for nature lovers and explorers. You will also have the opportunity to share moments with indigenous communities and learn about their traditions. Join in on some delicious food, and really get to experience nature, as well as plenty of Latin Dance.

January 9 – 16, 2016

January 16 – 23, 2016

Traveling on…

What traveler hasn’t imagined a trip to the Amazon? Not only to admire the towering trees and  river, but in a very real sense, entering what is seriously the very life spring of the planet. The Amazon is a  source of so much of the air we breath, the water we drink, and the weather we rely on. This mighty rainforest was named  after female warriors of Greek mythology. The Amazon is itself a mythical and magical symphony.